Our People

Peter Colovos


Peter Colovos has a favorite credo-it’s IBM’s Watson, “Think.” This mantra exists in every real estate project Peter and his team is involved.

Founding Prairie Real Estate Group in Chicago, IL in 1994 was a culmination of transforming Peter’s passion of architecture construction and real estate experience into a career. Matching the right business with the optimal space is essential and what Peter has been doing in real estate since 1980. Creating the optimal combination/blend of good architecture and design product that enhances their tenants’ quality of life is the keystone of The Prairie Real Estate Group.

Born in Chicago, Peter’s fortitude and strong desire to learn afforded him exposure to all facets of real estate ranging from complex construction to investments and acquisition. Peter has a keen sense of creative adaptive re-use of existing properties as well as rehabilitation and revitalization.  Using his experience from Chicago and other large and small vibrant urban centers, Peter offers a smart and innovative urban twist to his properties which is reflected in the design and construction of each unique space.

Working with a team of like-minded professionals, Peter and his group strategically seek out properties in areas where perhaps others may not realize the potential.   Prairie Real Estate Group has commercial and residential real estate investments throughout the Midwest.

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Cynthia Brown Colovos

Secret Weapon

Until June, 2013, Cynthia Brown Colovos spent 20 years helping to grow Mickey’s Linen, the family business that her father built, and she ran with her three brothers.  After retiring, Cynthia took on the role of assisting her husband, Peter Colovos, at Prairie Real Estate Group.  Cynthia brings to Prairie a unique skill set of knowing what data is needed to run a successful business and how to apply technology to capture it and measure it.

Aside from her business and technology skill set, Cynthia is all about helping create a collaborative work environment that is organized, efficient and productive while never losing focus on making an impact on the community and the environment.

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Trevor Carlson

Property Director / Golden Child

Prairie Real Estate is thrilled to have Trevor on board as the Property Director.  Trevor brings considerable real estate knowledge and experience to the Prairie team. Having a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Grand Valley State University, Trevor has been trained to focus on delivering exceptional service to his clients and team.

Trevor began his real estate career in New York City, designing, marketing, and selling some of Brooklyn’s finest mixed-use developments.  He aided developers with floor plans, common area layouts and features, as well as developed a pricing structure that made sense for the community while optimizing the return for the investors.  Working in one of the toughest and competitive markets with New York developers and clientele sharpened Trevor’s teeth!

After spending time in New York, Trevor wanted to return to Grand Rapids.  In GR, Trevor was heavily involved in residential real estate, managing apartment communities as an operations and property manager. Though Trevor enjoyed finding solutions to complex real estate problems, and navigating negotiations in Grand Rapids, he was more excited about returning to southwest Michigan to get married to the love of his life, who lives in Berrien County.

During his down time, Trevor enjoys hunting - both waterfowl and deer - golfing, and spending time with Ashley, his wife, and Goose, his golden retriever.

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Amelia van der Zwet

Administrator Extraordinaire

We are very pleased to have Amelia on our Prairie Team.  Amelia is from the Sooner State – Oklahoma - where she worked in an administrative role at various companies, each requiring a strong attention to detail and the ability to multitask.  Now, as a Michigander and working at Prairie, Amelia is demonstrating her extraordinary administrative skills, bookkeeping abilities and talent at juggling many office projects at once, while never losing focus.

Amelia credits her work ethic and resourcefulness to growing up with horses, cows, goats, turkey… and many other animals, on a small farm in North Central Illinois.  The animals teach you that the work must get done.  Afterall, a goat doesn’t care if a party isn’t quite over yet – you’d better be back home in time for milking!

Amelia currently lives in Berrien County with her husband and daughter, where she enjoys creative projects – from leatherworking, knitting and making braided rugs.

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David Poschke

The Go To Guy

David joined Prairie Real Estate Group as a maintenance technician, in the Summer of 2023.  David grew up in a construction family and learned all the skills necessary to work on electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC and basic building maintenance – that is why David is “the go to guy” - he can do anything!  Having worked in the printing business for over 20 years, David honed his skills as the printing facility’s Plant Manager.  What a perfect fit for Prairie Real Estate!

When David isn’t working, he is enjoying rides on his motorcycles, dune buggies, SXS Side By Sides… and basically anything else having wheels and a motor.  David and his wife live in Benton Harbor.

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Arlondo Munoz

The Kind-Hearted Hulk

Arlondo became a Prairie team member in November 2023.  Having not only grown up on a farm but also worked on a blueberry farm, Arlondo’s honed groundskeeping skills and hard-work ethic are a welcome asset to Prairie.

Arlondo is an active guy!  In high school, he was a lineman on the football team, a member of a travel wrestling team and a participant for the state trophy competition in shot put.

When Arlondo isn’t working and helping to maintain the Prairie properties, he is most likely appreciating the outdoors, playing basketball, or enjoying his favorite meal, chicken alfredo with broccoli.

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Emonei Meeks

The Diligent Dynamo

Emonei became a Prairie team member in February 2024.  Prior to working at Prairie, Emonei worked for an excavating contractor where buildings were torn down; at Prairie, Emonei works with buildings as they are being developed and maintained.  What an opportunity to see the complete lifecycle of real estate from construction, use and end-of-life. Emonei has become a valuable team member – he catches on quickly, works hard, gets the job done, never complains and always has a big smile on his face.

In high school, Emonei played football.  His other hobby is cars – both working on cars and watching them race.  If Emonei isn’t working at Prairie, working on cars or playing video games, you will see him enjoying being a father to his daughter.

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