Entergy Palisades is an 800 megawatt nuclear power plant, located in Covert Township, Michigan, six miles south of the City of South Haven, Mich.  The plant has been in operation since 1971 providing clean, affordable electrical energy to the customers of Consumers Energy, Michigan's largest combination gas and electric utility.  The plant is Van Buren County's largest employer, providing over 700 jobs in the area.

The Benton Harbor Entergy facility at 330 W. Main St. is a combined Emergency Operations Facility and Joint Information Center from which offsite emergency support actions and communications are controlled and coordinated with state, local and federal authorities.

Entergy today completed the sale of the subsidiary that owns the Palisades Power Plant to Holtec International to ensure a safe and timely decommissioning of the nuclear site. Palisades was permanently shut down May 20, 2022, after generating safe, secure and reliable electricity for more than 50 years. 

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